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Hal Schumacher - Simulated Baseball Leagues Award History

2038Ruthian EraJack of Trades2352.95243.2173748701.016.43.24/9/2017
2036Ruthian EraBears2453.78252.22088810201.177.43.64/3/2017
2037Ruthian EraPinstripes2283.82238.0211707601.188.02.93/21/2017
2037Ruthian EraJack of Trades2073.55251.1248946301.368.92.31/30/2017
2029Ruthian EraRoad KillaZ1853.05242.1181838401.096.73.19/20/2016
2035Ruthian EraWoodies2363.55253.1202759401.097.23.39/19/2016
2032Ruthian EraImperials2382.97275.2223869401.127.33.17/3/2016
2027Ruthian Eradoughboys2233.91253.1218918701.227.83.13/10/2016
2026Ruthian EraTide2463.25274.02157710101.077.13.312/7/2015
2025Ruthian EraFighting Pigs2623.40272.12147811301.077.13.78/16/2015
2030Ruthian EraVikings21103.30245.2203607701.077.52.87/11/2015
2029Ruthian EraMythbusters2523.07255.0193699901.036.83.56/26/2015
2029Ruthian EraAires2063.71225.1192598301.117.73.35/5/2015
2029Ruthian EraBellies2363.61249.0208769501.147.53.45/2/2015
2028Ruthian EraAires2122.99229.0183668601.097.23.42/24/2015
2027Ruthian EraMythbusters2372.71258.2180758000.996.32.81/5/2015

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