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Ty Cobb - Simulated Baseball Leagues Award History

2037Deadball EraRed Stockings.366.406.558.9647451582736101523/10/2018
2039Deadball Era46ix.386.431.520.9516351342454741343/8/2018
2039Deadball EraBase Ball Club.347.390.487.87768015223681161032/8/2018
2036Deadball EraCougars.371.413.486.89970815026341011501/20/2018
2036Deadball EraRed Stockings.349.399.537.93670016324461019712/7/2017
2031Deadball EraZombee Freaks.381.430.508.9386661462542861879/25/2016
2027Deadball EraChopShopin Reds.362.399.524.9237561822747105775/15/2016
2031Deadball EraSlammers.344.391.519.910700158241111461044/10/2016
2028Deadball EraBohemians.356.397.508.90572214625771371033/21/2016

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